Turnaround & Interim Management


In the current distressed business climate, Turnaround and Interim Management is one of nil plus ultra’s most sought after services. Each engagement is entirely tailored to the sponsor’s objectives and circumstances of the business.

Our most senior professionals focus on Turnaround, due to the highly complex and multi-faceted nature of the challenges

Leadership, clarity of vision and operational discipline are key aspects. Only when appropriate, are additional nil plus ultra resources or services brought in to prosecute functional and operational aspects of the Turnaround. Such reliable, independent, experienced and focused support is often a key ingredient for success.

Introduction to our approach

Our Turnaround approach – whether the business is deteriorating or plateaued – could potentially address a range of issues:

  • Business and competitive strategies
  • Financial and operating structures
  • Top Line boost programmes
  • Short term cost improvement
  • Structure and assets
  • Culture, momentum, morale
  • Management fitness for purpose

Overcoming inertia is a core aspect of turnaround: this means “on the ground” ability to make things happen and change the operation is fundamental. Key ingredients:

  • absolute focus on the goal
  • securing necessary human resources and core assets
  • consequential operational execution.

Furthermore, after the “get well plan” is well underway, and the business has turned the corner, succession planning and new management insertion and grooming is a crucial, often overlooked, part of the “stay well plan”.

Given the nature – and high impact – of such engagements, nil plus ultra seeks to align its compensation arrangements with the business sponsor – we want our fees and rewards to be linked to the outcomes we help to create. In so doing, we share in the risks and rewards, but also build trust that our goals are fully in sync with those of the sponsor. Turnaround is challenging, and we will agree with the business sponsor to agree alignment of objectives – and a modus operandi – before taking on the challenge and “hitting the ground”.