About Nil Plus Ultra

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nil plus ultra is a professional services network specialising in Interim Management, Turnaround, Performance Improvement Programmes and certain managed services across a range of market sectors and functional areas

Comprising about 70 people, we combine the extensive experience of our professionals with deep functional expertise in commercial & contracts strategy & management, general and programme management, restructuring, analytics, business development, HR management and telecoms and I.T. services.

With a hands-on approach, they work closely with business leaders, functional managers and legal advisers to design and implement risk-balanced, pragmatic commercial solutions.

With know-how culminating from C-level and functional management experience alike, in all the major continents, addressing issues from outsourcing to transformation, disposals to mergers, we partner with your business to provide advice and hands on implementation: energy, intelligence, integrity, experience.

The team is experienced at working together over many challenges, under high pressure. Whilst we are headquartered in the UK, many of our team members are based across Europe, and frequently operate on an international basis. Multi-country, cross-border and international engagement is an almost constant feature of most of the work we do.



nil plus ultra was formally launched in 2012 with the following core member businesses:

Adams Moore Ltd
Aonix Ltd
Crest BSL Ltd
Crystal Clear
CS1 GmbH
David John Lewis
Germinian Consultancy Ltd
Inroads Ltd
Jupp Castle Ltd
Langstone Consulting
Rede2 Ltd
Rubicon Limited
Smart Cloud Ltd
Springtide Consulting
VIYEMA Business Consulting GmBH
Wardour Jackson Martin LLP