Purchasing Services

We provide a range of services from the provision of a single high quality individual through to complete reviews of your supply chain with associated action plans.

Virtual Purchasing Department – Experts to:

  • Negotiate deals
  • Set up contracts
  • Manage specific commodity areas
  • Manage contract disputes
  • Develop/improve processes & policy

Individual Programme management

Manage large scale or high impact purchasing deals such as a major outsourcing or an I.T. project where specific commodity skills and experience is required.

We can orchestrate and manage, along with your procurement and support staff, the complete contract negotiation and pre-implementation activities to give you the best chance to achieve your financial and service goals.

Functional evaluation & improvements

We can provide a complete health check of the organisation, which could include, staff skill/experience levels, systems, tools & process along with the interfaces with and into the business units and/or functions.

Functional performance improvement process

  • Review current operational activity
  • Identify opportunities & Priorities including quick wins
  • Agree and implement improvement plan
  • Develop and agree functional scorecard
  • Implement plan
  • Review Actual v plan
  • Implement if required an ongoing evaluation programme to continuously improve from the new baseline

Specific Review areas

  • Spend reviews
  • Supplier reviews
  • Policy/Process reviews
  • Organisational review

Supplier evaluation

  • Review nominated suppliers against a pre agreed standard
  • Develop and manage supplier improvement plan.
  • Communicate results back to purchasing dept
  • Implement continual improvement plan