Online and Multi-channel

We integrate “online” & “multi-channel” thinking into our approach at all levels.

Indeed, the current vogue for multi-channel evolution is something in which our people already have extensive hands-on experience.

Our expertise addresses b2b (up and downstream), b2c, m2m, m2m2c, p2p as well as intra-enterprise. Notwithstanding a glossary of abbreviations, suffice it to say our people have designed, implemented and managed a range go online and multi-channel operations ranging from SMEs through to industry-leading, vast scale b2c sales and service operations.

Our senior team also has experience in interim managing and operational turnaround of online businesses worth in excess of €1bn pa.

“The growth curve of the online business was +2%, then +9%, then +27%, quarter on quarter. This was on an already “top 5 in country” scale operation. Simultaneously, costs were reduced, the operation rebuilt, and a best in industry benchmark achieved. They did an exceptional job.” CEO Sponsor, Major European Telecoms business

Our approach enables us to drive change quickly, usually achieving payback within one calendar quarter, which is exceptional: investments in turnaround and rebuild are often financed by in-life operational savings executed rapidly. New operations operate highly measurable, “web-intelligent” analytics approaches, enabling superior operational returns (and lower absolute costs) on marketing (on and offline), ongoing content creation, functional design, as well as infrastructures.