Clients seek obvious payback on their engagement with us

We seek to create value for money and strong returns on investment for our clients and sponsors. Indeed, we prefer to decline to engage where we cannot generate strong returns for our client as a consequence of our work. We are confident that we can create value for our clients, and are ready to explore ways to link payment for our work to positive business outcomes.

World Class Clients

We are very proud of our clients, who represent some of the finest businesses in their respective fields. We know it is a privilege to work with them.

Whilst our headquarters are in the UK, our teams are based and operate worldwide, and are currently on assignment across Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA.

“I tasked them to turnaround my highest priority business unit and biggest problem child. They provided interim executive leadership and drove change in a highly consequential and professional way. By the third quarter stagnant revenues had been transformed into 27% growth, whilst costs were down and profits up. Even the 360 degree appraisals showed a marked increase in staff morale. Exceptional.” – CEO, European € Multi-Billion Telecoms Enterprise

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