Our Heritage


nil plus ultra is the new name for the operations-focussed, hands-on professional services network originally founded by Wardour Jackson Martin LLP and its partners.

Over the years, as collaboration across the network comprised more and more of the activities of the network members, the bonds within the team developed.

The network members comprise established business and practitioners; the earliest member business was established in the early Eighties. Wardour Jackson Martin LLP and its founders have provided a hub, uniting and facilitating the network partners. During the Noughties, this hub was formalised into a series of collaborations and structures, enabling significant business venturing and service provision, seamlessly executed for customers and clients.

In a natural evolution of this progression, Wardour Jackson Martin LLP has now established the nil plus ultra Network, vesting the collaboration agreements and structures into a single, robust, highly professional network entity.

Our core mission is to deliver operational business solutions: smarter, better, sooner.