Solutions Overview

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We are flexible in our approach and how we engage

Root causes of a business’s underperformance may already be known. They may need to be verified – or even discovered. The business may need a fresh insight or someone who can “own” the challenge and fix the operation. Situations can vary significantly, so we engage in the right way for the business’s circumstances. Typically, we might undertake one or more of the following:

  • An Operational Review
  • Specific Performance Improvement Projects
  • Turnaround and Interim Management

Philosophy: align to the sponsor’s goals

There is a philosophy which underpins our engagement, whether reviewing a business, or actively managing its turnaround. We review and strategise with business outcomes in mind: can the strategy be implemented, is it cost-effective, how organisationally acceptable, risky?

Our reviews are designed from the perspective that we may probably be engaged to implement its action plan – so, they are highly ambitious but also realistic.

Once engaged on specific performance improvement projects or turnaround and interim management, we prefer to be aligned with the sponsors goals. That means, we seek to be rewarded in line with the benefits the sponsor wants and receives. So, we have extra financial incentive to generate revenues, savings, capital efficiency and the like, depending upon the sponsor and shareholder objectives.

Our core areas of functional capability

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