Marketing & sales operations and support

Performance Improvement Programmes

In the current economic climate, performance improvement programmes in sales and marketing are increasingly in demand. Typical focus areas include:

  • Aligning staff and indirect (channel) staff with revised corporate objectives
  • Rebalancing priorities within an organisations
  • Supporting change management strategies
  • Directing performance into areas of business/revenue/margin growth
  • Changing the behaviour of staff
  • Tie in’s with other initiatives such as training & learning, sales, marketing programmes to create integrated activity

“We needed interim management on a large P&L. Their interim manager worked with the team and brought in specialists and support where we had gaps. This was crucial: we really needed the expertise and energy whilst the operation was being sorted out. Morale was boosted in line with a dramatic performance uplift.”

Agency review/reducing agency costs

  • Conducting reviews of agency relationships to take out costs – with specific reference to BTL agencies, channel support, channel marketing –design & creative
  • Re-modelling marketing agency rosters
  • Re-modelling travel spend and how and where money is spent in relation to Business Travel and supporting marketing expenditure – marketing event activity /conferences/meetings/training
  • Extensive contacts into senior levels of many hotel sales and operational management in EMEA and beyond

Extended Sales Force

Appropriate sales channels may comprise field-based staff, telesales, online e-commerce or well integrated multi-channel operations with CRM/lifecycle management. Increasingly, we re-engineer sales operations by optimising the use of online and offline channels, for a seamless customer experience, balanced with business affordability. Likewise, labels such as “sales” “marketing” or “CRM” are often unhelpful, since optimal approaches deploy technologies to enhance the marketing, selling, aftersales, support and extension experience in a more holistic way. For more information on Online solutions, click here.

Direct and Indirect Channel Incentives

  • Stimulating sales as part of a growth strategy;
  • Supporting brand and product engagement post rationalisation – Improving net promoter scores;
  • Seizing and holding mind share in multi-vendor environments – in particular with retail sales and call centre operations.

Group Incentive Travel

As a function of Incentive and Performance Programmes – specialist skill set to organise and manage such travel programmes with the capability to deliver game changing motivational experiences for high performing employees, channel employees and channel partners across the globe.

Staff & Channel Communication

  • Explaining and obtaining staff / channel buy-in for new corporate strategies
  • Establishing and bedding in new corporate culture and ethos
  • Building staff & channel ownership in new structures/changes in working practice

Conference and Live events

As a function of the Communication Competency the specific skills, experience and knowledge required to imagine, create, develop and execute conferences and live events needed to communicate to different stakeholders.

“They took care of the details, organising events on the other side of the world, without hitch. It just happened.”

Recognition & Rewards Systems

Rebuilding commission systems, establishing and embedding recognition programmes as part of re-invigorating staff teams and bedding in changes in cultures

Using such programmes to drive change in behaviour

Digital, Online, Moving Image and Print Solutions

The creation of all things digital, online, moving image and print solutions – with particular reference to all things relating to staff, channel and promotional/sales driven activity

CRM and Data Mining

Operations, insightful analysis, precise and targeted actions. Multi lingual, 24/7, high capacity and flexible. CRM means good customer knowledge and slick processes. We can reengineer your call centre or contract it out. Data mining and warehousing working with outbound and inbound channels: text/phone, web, email and over-the-air campaigns, all in sync.