Employment Law

Employment law courses from a true employment law specialist.

Employment Law Courses:

Handling Discipline & Grievance
This course is by far the most popular and designed to enable Line Managers to conduct fair and consistent disciplinary and grievance meetings. Following on from Managing with Integrity, this course equips Managers with the skills required to manage the poor performing employee through the conduct or performance based disciplinary situations, when performance management has failed. It also equips the Manager with the skills required to handle grievance situations which are becoming more common in the workplace.

Managing Absence & Sickness
The objectives of this one day course are to develop the people skills of the line management of a Company or specific department. The main objective of this learning activity is to equip the line manager with the tools required to manage each member of their team, not just the poor performers, it should also arm the manager with the ability to develop and motivate the good performers to achieve the best possible results from a results a strong cohesive group.

Appraisals and Performance Management
Performance Management is a one day course designed to supply Line Managers with the skills to conduct a fair, structured and motivational appraisal meeting.  Furthermore it outlines the importance of the cycle of performance management, encouraging good performance in employees to develop and achieve their potential achieving a win-win situation for both the Company and the Employee.

The Employment Cycle
This half day course is designed to introduce our System and Employee Handbook to the Line Managers of our client companies.  It is envisaged the course should be delivered within three months of the Company becoming our client, when the new Employee Handbook and Terms and Conditions of Employment have been issued to all employees.  The objective of the course is to give Line Managers an overview of the processes and procedures outlined in the Handbook and the supporting forms and information will be provided on request.

Written Statements & associated contractual matters
(this workshop will normally be adapted to the requirements of a specific audience)

  • Who is an employee, worker or self-employed?
  • Why the difference matters
  • What is a written statement and the legal requirement?
  • Requirement for notice
  • Paid holiday entitlement
  • Breach of contract
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Variation of contract
  • Duration depends on the topic covered