Information Assurance Services



We provide services and experts in Information Assurance and related fields. We work with you to make your information secure, addressing your policy, organisation, technology, processes, procedures, people and assets.

We provide information Assurance solutions to private sector Organisations (including financial services, telcos and pharmaceuticals) and public sector Departments and Agencies (including MOD, Health, Police, Central and Local Government). We deliver tailored services on either a fixed price or time and materials basis, depending upon your requirement. We also provide services from our “menu” should you wish to opt for a packaged solution.

We are able to provide security and business experts with the requisite clearances, accreditations and the specialist knowledge to advise you or work directly with you on specific projects. In such cases, individuals or teams can be deployed on either a “time and materials” “pay per use” basis, or on a fixed price rate.