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One of Nil Plus Ultra’s main competence areas, we have a highly experienced supply chain team. The difference between us and many others, is that we can operate from either sides of the negotiation table. Our experts include former CPO-level management.

Graham Jackson, a founder member of our senior team, is one of a dozen European Fellows of the prestigious International Association For Commercial And Contract Management (IACCM). Whether you are buying or selling we can provide a range of services; from interim senior management who can be applied to large one-off programmes, through to an in-depth review of your organisation. We will also, if required, implement any associated action plan.

We can restructure in a way that provides a step change in cost savings (or reduction in your risk profile) without significant business disruption and within a timeframe that fits business goals. This is a key challenge for senior management and a challenge some businesses struggle to meet.
See how with a single or tailored package of programmes of work you can make significant and positive impact to your bottom line.

We have successfully supplied these services to both public and private organisations.

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Posted on 16 Jan 2012
Posted in Services, Solutions

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