Operational Review

An operational review is a popular way for a client sponsor to determine potential in a business, and a way forward

As a business sponsor, you may have a business where underperformance is obvious. Alternatively, there may be an upcoming opportunity, and the business is not fit for purpose to seize it. Sometimes, a sponsor has another issue with the business, and requires an operational review to fix an issue or develop a more profitable way forward.

Reviews focus either on a particular functional area or business unit…or a business entity or company as a whole

We are often engaged to look at a specific function such as Sales, Marketing, Development, Operations, Logistics and so on. However, our approach typically looks at the end to end processes under review, such as “supply chain”, “demand chain”, “design chain” and the like. This way we get a view of root cause, and much more meaningful insights into opportunities, issues and remedies.

Our reviews are characterised by a number of features:

  • application of our experience to reduce any costly analytical, desk research; we can get to the nub of the problem quickly and cost-effectively
  • our reviews are carried out by operational people with the appropriate seniority and practitioner capability
  • recommendations and improvement plans which are realistic are developed
  • we are prepared to share risk and align fee structures to future implementation outcomes, where appropriate. Indeed, we approach a review as though we will be asked to execute the improvement plan. this puts a very realistic complexion on the work, with a highly credible balance of ambition and realism.

The Solutions section of this website gives an overview of some of the services we can offer, and the capabilities we bring. Each Operational Review has its own nuances and is unique to the business in question.