Matthew Horan

Matt Horan

Information Assurance Expert

An Information Assurance professional with an impressive record in both hostile and benign environments

Matthew Horan MBCS CITP CISM MIET A.Inst.ISP ITPC has over 30 years experience in delivering Information Assurance services to Government and Commercial sectors in both hostile and benign environments.

Matthew served a full career in the Army providing secure tactical and strategic communications services before embarking on a second career as an Information Assurance Professional working on behalf of the Government as a CLAS consultant. Matthew has been engaged in high profile multi million pound programmes for Defence and the Commercial sectors providing individual and team management delivering High level and low level design services, network and system architectural design, System Audit in line with ISO:IEC 27K, Accreditation Scoping appraisals, Security Impact statements and Accreditation services for Protectively Marked information and data.

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