WJM LLP officially launches the new nil plus ultra network

Robert Fedder

Robert Fedder, Co-Founder of nil plus ultra and Partner of WJM LLP

WJM’s long-standing partner network has now been formally structured into nil plus ultra.

We are delighted to announce the formal launch of nil plus ultra.

Comprising about 70 people at the start of 2012, we combine the extensive experience of our professionals with deep functional expertise in commercial & contracts strategy & management, general and programme management, restructuring, analytics, business development, HR management and telecoms and I.T. services.

“There is a philosophy which underpins our engagement, whether reviewing a business, or actively managing its turnaround. We review and strategise with business outcomes in mind: can the strategy be implemented, is it cost-effective, how organisationally acceptable, risky? When we engage to turn a business around, or improve an aspect of its performance, we get “hands on”. We are pragmatic operational people, not theoretical advisors” - Robert Fedder, nil plus ultra Founder and WJM LLP Partner

With know-how culminating from international C-level and functional management experience alike, addressing issues from outsourcing to transformation, disposals to mergers, we partner with your business to provide advice and hands on implementation: energy, intelligence, integrity, experience.

The team is experienced at working together over many challenges, under high pressure. Whilst we are headquartered in the UK, many of our team members are based across Europe, and frequently operate on an international basis. For example, Germany has become an important location for nil plus ultra’s operations, with many of its most senior people based there. Multi-country, cross-border and international engagement is an almost constant feature of most of the work we do.

Over the years, as collaboration across the network comprised more and more of the activities of the network members, the bonds within the team developed.

Graham Jackson, WJM LLP Partner and co-founder of nil plus ultra said: “The network members comprise established business and practitioners; the earliest member business was established in the early Eighties. Wardour Jackson Martin LLP and its founders have provided a hub, uniting and facilitating the network partners. During the Noughties, this hub was formalised into a series of collaborations and structures, enabling significant business venturing and service provision, seamlessly executed for customers and clients.”

In a natural evolution of this progression, Wardour Jackson Martin LLP has now established the nil plus ultra Network, vesting the collaboration agreements and structures into a single, robust, highly professional network entity.

Our core mission is to deliver operational business solutions: smarter, better, sooner.

Posted on 01 Jan 2012
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