Channel partners โ€“ growing revenues in a harsh climate

Steve Pope talks about the value of channels

nil plus ultra’s channel incentive business has got off to a buoyant start this year. Commenting, Stephen Pope, a member of nil plus ultra’s Leadership Team said “Since Christmas we have launched a number of programmes for high profile client businesses in both the Business Solutions and Mobile Telephony sectors and have supported clients in communicating product and business initiatives to channel partners and customers”.

Pope illustrated his comments: “We held a two day event at Fours Seasons in Canary Wharf early in January, the first day a multi-vendor exhibition and series of presentations of Business Solutions to leading buyers in Financial Services, Insurance and Retail sectors. The Rt Hon Michael Portillo was a guest speaker, and on the second day was a conference and awards dinner for the client’s sales team. The following week we delivered a one day ‘Kick Off’ conference for nearly 1000 people followed by two days of training and product immersion for both the UK service engineer teams (400 people) and the UK Dealer and distributor channel (200 people) . Next week we change the scale with a high level meeting for 36 people at The Savoy, with dinner and private boxes at The Royal Albert Hall for the latest Cirque du Soleil Show as well as take the Kick Off roadshow north to Manchester”.

“…whilst the media may be full of doom and gloom I think many clients have come to the realistic conclusion that life needs to go on and for those organisations that have a story to tell there is opportunity to sell and sell profitably…”

Peter Jackson sees more potential for channels

Co-Chair of nil plus ultra’s Sales and Marketing Group, Peter Jackson, also commented “The essential message of both these events was about being positive about the state of the economy. There is business to be had, and whilst the media may be full of doom and gloom, I think many clients have come to the realistic conclusion that life needs to go on. For those organisations that have a story to tell, there is opportunity to sell and sell profitably”. He continued “In addition to the events Stephen described, we have already launched several programmes this year supporting our clients to introduce and promote new products in multi-vendor sales channels, including call centres, retail sales outlets and B2B sales forces…and its only just turned February.”

Pope continued “We have recently launched sales incentives that have awards that include VIP luxury trips to Rio de Janeiro, Tenerife and The Netherlands, as well as developing product advocacy and engagement programmes for OEMs in a retail sector we are extensively using pre-paid cash cards to deliver motivational award value directly and quickly into the hands of those that deliver the business for our clients. Our clients increasingly see the value of channel partners and the contribution they can make quickly to growing – perhaps after the last few years I should say in some cases re-growing – revenues.”

Many nil plus ultra clients are revisiting their route to market priorities, and exploring how channels can provide much needed, fast boosts to revenues.

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Posted on 02 Feb 2012
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